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Our Best Answer - Can I take a leave of absence?

Leave of Absence

You may  "stop-out" without filing for a leave of absence if your absence does not exceed two quarters. See Stop Out for more information.

If you take off more than two consecutive quarters and are in good academic standing, you have two choices. You can reapply for admission to Cal Poly Pomona or request a Leave of Absence.  

To be approved for a Leave of Absence, you must meet certain conditions and submit a Leave of Action Petition to the Registrar's office for approval prior to the period of your absence. If approved, your leave may be approved for up to two years or 8 consecutive quarters. See Leave of Absence for more information. 

Should you choose to apply for a Leave of Absence, be sure to apply early enough to allow processing time and time to follow up, should further documentation be required prior to approval. 



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