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Our Best Answer - What if I get injured on campus?

If you are working on campus while you sustain your injury, you need to see your supervisor immediately to report your condition. They will guide you to seeing a provider through the university's Worker Compensation program.

If you are a student, and NOT working at the time, and your injury is NOT life-threatening, you should go to Student Health Services (Bldg. 46) to see a provider as soon as possible (Typical injuries include cuts, scrapes, sprains, insect stings, animal bites, etc.). There is no charge for your visit, provided you are enrolled in the current term. If you are able to, please call ahead (909-869-4000) to get an appointment time so you won't wait needlessly in their lobby.

Shuttles stop frequently in front of the Health Center, and patient parking is available in their dedicated parking lot by their building.

If your injury is more serious in nature (suspected broken bone, major arterial bleeding, passing out, etc.), call University Police at 909-869-3070 so they can summon the appropriate medical response unit to transport you to the hospital.

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