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Our Best Answer - Are there any leadership programs to get involved in on campus?

Bronco LEAD

The Bronco LEAD Program is Cal Poly Pomona's FREE campus-wide leadership program. This curriculum-based program focuses on developing leaders across campus by offering leadership based transdisciplinary workshops. Participants will receive credit for attending any workshops or events sponsored by Bronco LEAD. After completing the curriculum, students will be invited to the Bronco Student LEADership Awards that acknowledges their achievements within the program.

The Bronco LEAD program is broken down into the following areas:

Bronco LEAD 1.0: The foundational curriculum that highlights our institutional values of leadership and student development.

Bronco LEAD 2.0: Designed to build upon the Bronco LEAD foundation. Students will have the opportunity to have in-depth development of themself and get an understanding of who they are as a leader.

Bronco LEAD 3.0: Designed to put leadership into practice. In true Cal Poly Pomona fashion, participants in Bronco LEAD 3.0 are encouraged to partake in opportunities “to do” leadership, in order to successfully complete this level.


To find out more information about Bronco LEAD you can visit the Website or the MyBAR page.

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