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Our Best Answer - Will I get a refund if I drop or withdraw from a class?

Refund Schedule

You may receive a full or partial refund of your tuition fees depending on when you withdrew from your courses. The CSU guidelines on fee calculation stipulate that fees will be charged when you are enrolled on the first day of an academic term. You will be entitled to a full refund of mandatory fees, tuition fees, and non-resident tuition fees only if you cancel your registration or drop all of your classes prior to the first day of instruction for an academic term.

If your student status changed, such as going from full-time to part-time, or you withdrew from all your classes, contact Student Accounting and Cashiering Services to find out if you are eligible for a refund. You can also view the Refund Policy and a pro-rated fee calculator by term by selecting the term that you are enrolled.


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