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Our Best Answer - What is PolyCARES?


PolyCARES is Cal Poly Pomona's program to prevent campus violence before it starts.  The purpose of our Community Assessment and Response for Employees & Students is to proactively identify, assess, and offer a coordinated institutional response to those who pose a risk to themselves, others and/or the campus community.  PolyCARES is a partnership among Student Health & Counseling, University Police, Faculty Affairs, Human Resources, Emergency Services, Judicial Affairs, and the Violence Prevention and Women's Resource Center.

PolyCARES can assist you If you have any safety concerns, including these areas:

  • Violent acts
  • Weapons
  • Bizarre behavior
  • Thoughts of suicide or self-harm
  • Hate crimes & hate incidents
  • Extreme distress
  • Family/domestic problems
  • Alcohol/drug use
  • Termination/discipline
  • Whenever you wonder..."Should I..."

For contact information, go to the PolyCARES website.

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