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Our Best Answer - What is the Interdisciplinary General Education Program?

Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE)

The Interdisciplinary General Education Program (IGE) provides an interdisciplinary undergraduate general education experience that prepares students to lead socially responsible, productive, and satisfying lives in a changing diverse world. IGE combines intellectual inquiry with creativity to provide a rich learning environment. 

The IGE curriculum satisfies 21 semester units of the University General Education requirements. The program includes an integrated sequence of 7 theme-based courses. Students enter IGE as a cohort and travel through the program together, thus making friends from many majors. It is an option for first-time freshmen, with the option to opt out after the first, second, or third years. IGE also offers a number of Upper Division GE Synthesis courses which are open to all students with Junior or Senior standing. Contact the IGE department for more information. 

You can find more information about the IGE Program on the IGE Program website.

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