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Our Best Answer - How do I know if my admission application is complete?

Complete Admission Application

Once you apply for admission, you will be notified of any documents you need to provide or actions you need to take to complete your application and the deadline for receipt of your transcripts or other documents by the Office of Admissions & Enrollment Planning. 

When a required document is received by Admissions & Enrollment Planning, you will receive an email showing what documents have been received and which still need to be submitted. 

You can also check your To Do List in BroncoDirect to see which of your documents have been received and which are still required.  Go to BroncoDirect and click Admissions under Applicant Self Services and then View My To Do List. Once all the required documents have been received, your application is considered complete and will be reviewed to determine your eligibility. 

PLEASE NOTE: Additional documents or steps may be requested at a later time so continue to check your email and checklist on a regular basis.


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