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Our Best Answer - How diverse is your student body?


Cal Poly Pomona students come from across the United States and several countries. Cal Poly Pomona hosts international students come from 70 countries as diverse as Mexico, Albania, Egypt, Nigeria, Portugal, United Emirates, Venezuela and several countries in Asia.

We embrace a broad range of social, cultural and educational backgrounds, and believe that the best education takes place in a vibrant, diverse community. Our Cultural Centers are testimony to our celebration of diversity on our campus.

As of 2015, our student population is 39 percent Hispanic, 24 percent Asian, 20 percent White, 8 percent Mix/Unknown, 3 percent Black/African American, 0.2 percent American Indian/Alaskan Native and 0.1 percent Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

For more quick facts about our campus, visit About Cal Poly Pomona.


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