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Our Best Answer - Why is there a hold on my account?


A hold may be placed on your account for several reasons, including an advising hold which requires you to see your advisor prior to registration or a financial hold which means that you must make a payment on your student account prior to registration. 

You should check BroncoDirect prior to the advising period each term and take the action needed to release your hold.

You can find out the reason for the hold and what action you need to take by clicking on Details in the Hold Box in your Student Center on BroncoDirect and then click on the Hold item.

For holds start with "SF", contact Student Accounting & Cashiering Services (SACS). For all other hold descriptions and contact information, please visit SACS Policies and Procedures webpage, and scroll down to question 5 "Registration Holds".

To learn how to check your holds, watch the how-to video below.

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