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Our Best Answer - What is academic advising?

Academic Advising

Academic advising is a collaboration between a student and his/her advisor during which both parties share information in an attempt to assist the student in clarifying his/her academic and/or career goals.

At Cal Poly Pomona, your advisor can be either a faculty member from your academic department or a professional advisor.  Academic advising can help you decide on your choice of academic major, future career and graduate school as well as what courses to take to successfully meet your degree requirements.  Academic advisors can keep you informed of registration and academic procedures, other campus programs and services as well as internship and other opportunities.

See your academic advisor if you have questions regarding the requirements of your major or about your career or academic goals.  You should also see an academic advisor if you have concerns regarding your academic performance or need guidance in selecting your courses.  You should also see an academic advisor if an advising hold has been placed on your record.

The advising format may differ among colleges, so you should check with your academic department for more information. You can find the Advising Directory on Student Success Central. You can also find academic and advising resources on Student Success Central. 

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