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Our Best Answer - How do I declare a double major or minor?

Double Majors or Minors

Beginning in fall 2013, undergraduate students who attend a California State University will only be allowed to declare a second major (a second option or major in the case of Business majors) if both majors/minors/options can be completed within the degree requirements of the first major.  If you plan to declare a second major or minor, you will be required to demonstrate that both programs can meet this restriction by the submission of a written explanation with the Petition to Change Major Curriculum Form or Minor Course Approval Form. The plan must be verified and signed by the Department Chair and Associate Dean associated with the major or minor.

This policy is not retroactive but applies to all additional majors and minors declared on or after September 23, 2013.

For more information and a link to these forms, go to the Academic Programs website for New Requirements for Double Majors and Minors.



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