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Our Best Answer - When should I drop my class?

Dropping a Class

You may drop classes online through BroncoDirect anytime while the Registration Period and/or Add/Drop Period are open. The Registration Timelines & Unit Limits webpage provides these dates for the current or upcoming term. For a full listing of add/drop periods, as well as other important dates, please visit our Academic Calendar

Once the registration period is closed, dropping a class involves submitting a Request for Class Withdrawal Form with any documentation to justify the reason for your request. This form must be signed by the instructor of the class that you are dropping, the Chair of your department, your college's Dean, and the Associate Provost. Once complete, this form is forwarded to the Registrar's Office by the Associate Provost's Office by the deadline stated on the form during the term in which you are enrolled in that class.   

Dropping a course on/after the first day of class may result in being charged pro-rated fees. Refer to the Student Accounting & Cashiering Services website for further information.

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