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Our Best Answer - What if I am called to active duty?

Leave of Absence for Military Duty

Members of the Armed Forces, National Guard, or Reserve are readmitted to the University if their separation is caused by either voluntary or involuntary service on active duty for a period of more than 30 days. If you are volunteering or are called for active duty, you should notify your Cal Poly Pomona VA Certifying Official in the Registrar’s Office, except in cases where notice is precluded by military necessity or would compromise national security. 

After you complete your military service, you may defer notifying the campus of your intent to return for no more than three years.  If you are hospitalized or convalescing from an illness or injury during the performance of service, you are expected to notify the campus of the intent to return no later than two years after the end of recovery.

To resume your enrollment, notify a certifying official in the Registrar’s Office.  After you have done this, you should schedule a meeting with your advisor and establish an academic plan for your return, and courses needed to complete your degree.

For more information, go to the Veterans website and click on Interruptions in Cal Poly Pomona Enrollment.

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