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Our Best Answer - What do I need to submit to my VA Certifying Official once I am registered for my courses?

Registration for Courses and VA Benefits Certification

You will not have to submit additional documents as long as your Cal Poly Pomona VA Certifying Official has your completed educational plan for the academic year on file. The courses that you do register for must be towards your degree requirements and on your educational plan for the year.

In order to be certified by the VA Certifying Official, you will have to complete the VA Benefits Certification for the semester you wish to be certified on Bronco Direct.  You can find instructions Instructions on how to complete VA Benefits Certification or you can e-mail Samuel Kim for a PDF copy.  You can only complete this after you register for classes.  Attachments section is optional.  If you do not want to use your benefits, please do not complete this.

Samuel Kim is the VA Certifying Official in the Veterans Resource Center. The Veterans Resource Center is located in the SSB, Building 121 West, 1st Floor. You may contact him at 909.869.2867 or        



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