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Our Best Answer - How long do I have to complete a course with an incomplete grade?

Incomplete Grade   

If you receive an Incomplete (I) grade, you must complete the work for the incomplete course usually within a maximum period of one calendar year, beginning the end of the term in which the "I" was assigned. 

You must receive approval from your instructor and sign an agreement that specifies the specific deadline and conditions that you must meet.  Your instructor will assign a specific letter grade reflecting work completed.  Failure to complete the assigned work will result in your “I” being changed to the specific letter grade assigned by your instructor or an "I" being converted to an "IC" grade. The grade of "IC" is has the effect of a failing grade on your grade point average and progress point computation.

Exceptions can be made in special cases, such as military service and serious health problems.  An extension of an "I" grade in any one course by General Academic Petition shall be allowed only one time, for a maximum total extension of one year.  For more information, go to Incomplete Grades.

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