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Our Best Answer - Who is W.K. Kellogg?

W.K. Kellogg

Cal Poly Pomona was founded on a legacy of giving, with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and its namesake founder being the driving force.

What is now the green wooded expanse of the university was originally the winter ranch home of W.K. Kellogg, of breakfast cereal fame.  Many features of Kellogg-s Arabian horse ranch, including his mansion, rose gardens, avocado groves, stables, and the award-winning Kellogg Arabian horses.

In 1949, the W. K. Kellogg foundation deeded the land to California's's state college system, for educational purposes.  For more information about the W.K. Kellogg heritage and the ongoing support of his foundation, go to our Heritage website.

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