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Our Best Answer - How do I get an I-20?

I-20 Process for International Students

I-20 Process for Freshman Students

As an international student at Cal Poly Pomona, you are required to obtain a student F-1 Visa.  Once you are admitted to Cal Poly Pomona, the next step is to request an I-20 from the International Center.  The eRequest form and instructions are available on the International Center's  F-1 Visa/I-20 web page. 

I-20 Process for Transfer Students

When you entered the United States as an F-1 status student, you were issued an I-20 with a unique SEVIS identification number. Transferring your SEVIS record allows you to keep your unique ID number, which is critical for maintaining legal status.

You can transfer your SEVIS record to Cal Poly Pomona if you meet any of the following conditions and have otherwise maintained your F-1 status:

  • You are currently in the United States, studying at a U.S. institution, and will transfer to Cal Poly Pomona
  • You have completed a program at a U.S. institution and will begin a new program at Cal Poly Pomona in the fall, or spring.
  • You have attended a U.S. institution or completed a program in the United States, and are currently outside the United States, but plan on re-entering to attend Cal Poly Pomona.
  • You have completed a program and are currently pursuing Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the United States but will start a new degree program at Cal Poly Pomona.

No matter what your current status is, you must request (often in writing) that the institution you currently attend, or have most recently attended, release your SEVIS record to Cal Poly Pomona after you have received an offer of admission from CPP. The international office at your institution can help you with this request.  

Note: Your institution should ask for documentation showing you have been accepted to Cal Poly Pomona.


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