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Our Best Answer - How can I tell if a class is online or face-to-face?

Instruction Modes

When you are registering for classes or looking at your class schedule in your BroncoDirect Student Center and want to know whether or not the class section is face-to-face, online or hybrid, you should look at the Class Detail of the class section. The Instruction Mode is in the top box of the Class Details.

Then, go to Instruction Mode Definitions  on the Cal Poly Pomona website for definitions.

*Synchronous instruction is defined as instruction offered via closed circuit to a second classroom, or live remote broadcast via public airwaves, web chat room, or web-based streaming video to PCs available at specific days/times.

**Asynchronous instruction is defined as instruction offered via web technology, CD-rom or placed on student-accessible PCs, available at time/location of students' choice.



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