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Our Best Answer - What is my curriculum year?

Curriculum Year

Your curriculum year is the academic year that determines your degree requirements.  Your curriculum year at Cal Poly Pomona is automatically set by the first term in which you enroll at our university.  For example, if you are admitted for the fall 2013, winter 2014, or spring 2014 quarters, you would have a curriculum year of 2013-14.

However, if you are a transfer student remaining in regular attendance (at least one semester or two quarters in every calendar year) at any California State University campus or any California Community College for purposes of meeting graduation requirements, you may choose to follow degree requirements in place beginning with:

  1. the term you began such attendance
  2. the term you first enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona OR
  3. the term you graduate. 

To request a change in your Curriculum Year, you need to complete and receive approval from the Associate Dean of your college and submit the form to the Registrar's Office.  The Curriculum Year Change Request Form is available on line at the Registrar's Office Forms & Services website.

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