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Our Best Answer - What is an incomplete?

Incompletes (I)

An "Incomplete Authorized" grade (I) is a grade given when not all of the requirements of a course have been completed in the prescribed time period, but due to a justified reason, the instructor determines that work can be completed at a later date within agreed upon conditions.  A student must be passing the class up until the time when the Incomplete is granted.

The granting of an "I" grade requires a contractual agreement between the student and the instructor.

If the coursework is not completed within the required time frame, the instructor will either assign an "IC" grade which has the same negative effect on GPA as an "F" grade or will assign the grade that would have been given based on the coursework that was completed at the time the "I" grade was assigned.

Go to Incomplete Grades for more information about the Incomplete grade.

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