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Our Best Answer - Can I ride my bike on campus?

Bicycles and Skateboards

Cal Poly Pomona currently permits bicycles and skateboards on campus.

  • Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers and are required to know and obey all traffic laws, such as riding with traffic, stopping at stop signs and traffic lights and signaling before turning. 
  • Boarders have the rights of a pedestrian and are also responsible for obeying all signs and signals, including speed limit and stop signs, yield right-of-way signs and traffic signals.

Both cyclists and boarders are responsible for obeying the “dismount and walk” signs in the center of campus and should always yield to pedestrians. 

Bikes should be locked to campus-provided bike racks only and should be locked regardless of how long you plan to leave it unattended.  A "U"-shaped locking system is recommended, since cables and chains can be easily cut. Secure or remove any bags or accessories that can be stolen.

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